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Hello, this is a new section on Games 4 All, so what will you find here?

You will find board & cards games that are free to print out yourself for free. You can then try them out and best of all play them all for FREE!!!. You will need a printer, scissors, a guillotine (can help), extra bits of gaming parts and some time to cut it all out and put it together. You'll find ideas here for games I have come up with, contributions and submissions are welcome. Please do keep in mind that what is put up here is the property of there respective craters as a whole. This includes things like, ideas, art and concepts.

What do you need? List put it into point form.

1. Printer - A laser printer is best, colour is also best. I use a Samsung laser printer for the smaller to print games. Games I want looking better and colors that pop, I go to the printing place up the road, at around R2.50(colour) a page it a good deal I think.

2. Scissors - A Nice pair that fit your hand well, and will not make your hand saw if there is a lot to cut out, is worth the money.

3. Guillotine (optional) - I have one Aro make at around R250 or so (bought it a while ago) it is well worth the money, for cutting out a lot of cards and getting nice straight edges.

4. Laminater (optional) - This makes cards for a game look a lot nicer. Also makes it so that no back card and sleeving is needed. I got one for A4 size cost around R350. Laminating sheets cost around R1-R2 a sheet deepens on how think a sheet you want.

5. Corner Cutter (optional) - This works well if you laminate your cards, it adds a nice round corner to your cards.

6. Cards & Sleeves - This you will have to have it you do not laminate your cards. So you print and cut them out, get yourself 2 -3 packs of cheap playing cards around R30 for three pack from us. Then get some cheap sleeves around R16/100 so for around R60 you are set to print and sleeve a card game. You can also reuse the sleeves and cards with another game if you want.

7. Dice - Get some cheap D6(this is a 6 side dice) around 10 - 20 is a nice number to have.

8. Pieces - Get some player pieces, like the ones in "Cluedo" that look like a pawn are nice. Try get your hands on an old "Risk" all those plastic parts work well. A good place to go to in Pretoria/Lyynwood if Jimmnets(Lynnridge Mall) they have loads of small pieces of all kind you can use, or your local hobby/art shop.

9. Zip Lock Bags - Nice for storing parts of a game in, and very cheap to buy.
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