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Records / Vinyls
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Hello and welcome to the new thing that Games 4 All will be stocking records or vinyl. We will be trying it in small amounts to see how they sell. Also most of the records we will be selling will be second hand, but here is what G4A will be doing for you. ALL (unless marked) records are cleaned and pre-play by me the owner. We re-seal shrink wrap them, as well as ratting them on a system from 5 for mint to 0 for very bad.

I also hope to post a short list of the nice things I find, please do keep in mind, just 'cause it is in this list does not mean we have it in the shop, as it night have been sold. This is also not a full list of all the records we have in the shop at one time, it's only the cool / nice things I find listed here.

Cool Finds:
We put out 11 records in the shop, including an ABBA and a Culture Club.
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